Portrait of Jozsef Breznay

József Breznay

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József  Breznay, Hungarian painter, Budapest, 20 september 1916 – Budapest, 18 February 2012.

His artistic talents developed during his secondary school years (1926-1934). In 1934, he was admitted to the Budapest University of Fine Arts in the class of Bertalan Karlovszky (1858-1938). From 1934 to 1939, he studied under  Ágost  Benkhard (1882-1961), Rezső Burghardt (1884-1963)  and István Szőnyi (1894-1960). From 1938 to 39, he was Szőnyi’s assistant. During these years, he met fellow student Eugénia Bonda (1914-1944) who would become his first wife. In 1939, he won the most prestigious scholarship, the Rome Prize. He worked there as a resident of the Collegium Hungaricum between 1939 and 1940. In 1940 he received again the Rome Prize. During those years, Breznay’s style matured. In 1945, he married Éva Molnár. They had two children.In 1946, he had his first solo exhibition in the Fókusz gallery in Budapest.

In 1952, his second wife died. In 1954, he married Mária Gánóczy. They had 7 children.

During the early fifties, like many Hungarian artists, he painted in the socialist realist style. After the revolution of 1956, he started to travel abroad. In France, he met Victor Vasarely and Tibor Csernus. In 1962, he exhibited in Paris at the gallery Barbizon.