We started our collection in 1996 and Gallery 567 opened in 2004 as an “Underground” private gallery specializing in arts (painting, sculpture, graphic, photography and posters) and design (furniture, lighting, ceramic, glass, metal, textile, wood and leather) from “The Eastern Bloc” (1945-1990).
At Gallery 567, we are more collectors than dealers. Our objective is to rediscover the hidden treasures of “The Old Regime” as it is called here.
We aim to present high quality curated collections and pieces from artists, designers and craft people from “Behind the Iron Curtain”, the former countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, USSR and Yugoslavia). As we are based in Budapest, our main focus is the post war Hungarian art and design.
Research, documentation, preservation and restauration are very much part of our main activities. As much as we can, we try to meet the artists, designers and all the living witnesses and actors of this period.
Since 2004, we regularly took part in several local exhibitions. In 2015, we collaborated in the Forma Hungarica Post-war Hungarian Ceramics from the Graham Cooley Collection Kings Lynn Arts Centre 2nd May –20th June 2015.